About Kwik Design Ltd

A dream come true

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KWIK is just a slight change to my initials KWK and is what I use as a "handle" on web sites and game consoles. Kwik Design has been a dream of mine now for quite a few years and I hope to create a Kwik community of sites which will be dedicated to the products and services that I am going to develop.

I have had the kwikdesign.co.uk domain now for quite a few years and have never fully put the effort in to develop it until now.

I finally incorporated the business as a private limited company in September 2011 and I am now looking to drive on as a software consultant

Kwik Design will now push forward and aims to help businesses in a consultancy role to push their technology on to new heights

The following is a short summary of my skill set and experience

  1. C# .Net 2005/2008/2010.
  2. VB .Net 2005/2008
  3. SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
  4. Classic ASP
  5. VB4/VB6
  6. Javascript/Jquery
  7. XML Webservices
  8. Sharepoint 2007 Web Parts
  9. Team leadership including recruitment and mentoring

Some of my recent work

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