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Software Designer - Team Leader - Manager - Dad

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With 13 years of experience in the IT industry, specialising in web application design and development, I have finally been able to go into business for myself using the Kwik Design trading name.

I started as a web designer for a financial company and was responsible for the design of their web sites and for the development of their extranets and intranets. I moved on and became a software developer for a conveyancing business that specialised in developing online conveyancing CMS sites. I worked my way up the career ladder and was soon responsible for a team of developers, after that I was working for a company managing 10 developers responsible for the development of a large School learning platform.

Over the past few years I have been working for Purenet Solutions as a team leader in charge of 6 developers. Purenet specialise in providing bespoke CMS Ecommerce solutions and I was responsible for delivering the final product to the client. I was involved in the full life cycle of all the projects, being the main technical contact throughout.

I have achieved a lot in my career and accumalated a lot of knowledge and experience which I can use to help you. The following is a short summary of that experience [Click here for my CV]

  1. Designing and developing ecommerce web systems.
  2. Creating static web sites.
  3. Creating dynamic data driven websites.
  4. Designing and developing CMS systems.
  5. Integrating data between new and existing systems.
  6. Developing stand alone Windows applications.
  7. Developing Windows processing applications to support web sites.

Some of my recent work

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